Morgan Galbraith is a Journalism student at the University of Arizona. An avid baseball fan, Morgan caught up with the Beerguy after a recent spring training game at Tucson Electric Park.
When did you get started?

1995 Coors Field Denver

Typically the public sees vendors at the game, purchases a beer from them and then they are forgotten, but you're different...Everyone remembers you. When did this fame begin for you? When did you decide to make this job your career? Is this your career? What makes you different from all of the other vendors besides the obvious?

I have been involved with baseball in one form or another for 47 years. When I started this, I had a pretty good idea of what a good beer vendor would be like, so I created a character that would accomplish that. I cannot speak for others who do this same job. Selling beer at ballgames as STB is one of many things I do to earn a living.

Why serve beer?

Beer Is interwoven into the fabric of a Big League ballpark. The Beer Vendor is, and always has been, an icon within that environment. It is also our responsibility to see to it that the activity is carried out safely...and that is something we take very seriously.

Why Tucson? Why didn't you go anywhere else for Spring Training?

The Rockies train in Tucson and that is how we got here. We stay here because the quality of the baseball fans here is superb.
Always use a designated driver or have alternative transportation available whenever you enjoy beer at the ballpark,...ATTABOY!
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